Xinaris Furniture started out initially as a small workshop 50 years ago manufacturing and providing furniture parts for other carpenters, in Nicosia.

That small workshop though, was not enough for the owner’s vision, mr Polis Xinaris. Despite the adverse times in the early 60’s, Polis Xinaris is already ahead of his time and introduces for the first time in Cyprus, automation in the furniture industry, investing over 100,000 Cypriot pounds, an astronomical amount at the time.

At the same time, and with no help , he starts building in Kokkinotrimithia a larger factory to house the functions and the increasing needs of the company. He additionally begins a cooperation that will last for more than 35 years with Ducal furniture in England.

Slowly, Polis Xinaris Furniture becomes one of the leading export companies in Cyprus and its furniture are exhibited in shops like John Luis and Harrods. The brand name now stands for quality and gains international recognition. In the early 90’s the second generation takes over, today’s CEO mr Antreas Xinaris, the company opens its first showroom in Elia Papakyriakou str, in Engkomi and introduces to the Cypriot market pine furniture that are entirely made in Cyprus in Cypriot style.

Soon enough the people welcome the company’s creations and words like quality, service and friendliness become synonymous with the name Xinaris. Within the next few years the company will have shops in all the cities.

In the late 90’s Polis Xinaris Furniture, a pioneer in its field, moves to a bigger shop and begins cooperating with IDdesign in Denmark in order to provide the people with the best options in furniture and accessories.

A new company makes its way into the Cypriot market.

In 2011, Xinaris welcomes in its shops worldwide famous Greek designer Michalis Aslanis and presents for the first time in Cyprus his own personal series. Aslanis Home Collection includes bathroom and kitchen accessories, bedsheets, towels, bathrobes, beach towels decoration cushions, and the baby series all of which are characterized by their high aesthetics and quality.

Today, Xinaris celebrates its 50 years since its creation and numbers 5 shops all over Cyprus whilst remaining faithful to its tradition focusing on the people and their needs.